So Perry is a patriot for promoting secession but Obama is a socialist and hates the US for wanting compromise?

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Description: This is a my own copyrighted video and political voice to help support Gov. Mitt Romney for President of the United States. I believe the strongest candidate to challenge and win against President Barack Obama in 2012 is Mitt Romney. Gov. Romney stands for lower tax, stronger national defense, fiscal Conservative responsibility, smaller government, limited taxation with representation, allowing the states to return to their pride of governing themselves, repealing Obama care, curbing illegal immigration and providing jobs for all legal Americans. This my own video that we need to rally around Gov. Romney to be our next commander and chief. We all know how the left-wing media has gone Socialist and protects President Obama. Never trust the media accept your own hearts. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all free Americans. Thank you and God bless. No money, compensation, commission, financing or payment is made for this video. I was the 1st to endorse Gov. Romney for President and serve as his charter member. In terms of legality and lawful right to broadcast this moderated message we need to restore the value of the American dream that is being lost through anarchy, chaos, Marxism, Socialism, extremism, Communism and Fascism. We will do better and will get through this long 4 year test. Jesus Christ bless America. ~Cory Morr/Cory W. Morrel Please rate and post. Thanks The only one the media attack and destroys because of a discrepancy is Gov. Mitt Romney. I

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