New World Order plan – Europe, America vs Russia, China, … (Mirrored)

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Description: From: teabowbraine. From: nibirushock. READ THIS! Lyndon LaRouche ‘Tragedy & Hope’ address in Washington DC on May 7, 2008. LaRouche talked about Obama getting the nomination and the evil mindset behind the “Lisbon Treaty” to create a British-European totalitarian superstate. The brilliant, but wicked and evil spirited occult New World Order masterplan is unfolding. The ultimate goal of globalization (or globalisation) through propaganda and rhetoric (War on Terror) and initiating chaos that eventually will lead to depopulation (genocide). Under the energy of Venus and the Sun, the occult NWO foundation masterplan must be realized by 2013. (that is, by Gregorian calendar date December 22, 2013 following another ritual circle around the Sun (starting in Solar Maximum year =2012) counting from December 22, 2012. (= end date of Mayan Long Count Calendar 13.00.00 Baktun). It takes 243 years for Venus to return to the exact point where it started. It’s called a Venus Round. And they (Illuminati), determined the creation of the NWO in 1770, with Rothschild and Adam Weishaupt as the real “founding fathers.” 1770 was the year in which a new cycle of 242 years started, sectioned in 99,11121,11 = 242 years! (=11×9, 99:9, 11×11, 121:11) (sequence= x9,:9,×11,:11 = ratio 9/11). Right now we are living in the ‘:11 stage’, meaning the LAST 11 years from SolarMax to SolarMax, starting from 2001 (WTC attack) to 2012. The sign 11:11 as deceptive symbolism, means nothing more than the

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