Month: December 2011

Is Ron Pual unpatriotic and a idiot?

I believe that he is,because in the first 2011 republican presidential debate (that was as on Fox news) Ron paul said “that the war in Afghanistan has not helped anybody”… that is a lie. These are the positives things that…

Jena 6 & the Norfolk 7?

*Hannity & Colmes Fox news debate stye* Why is it that the media had such a big uproar about the Jena 6 but when 7 black kids beat up 1 white kid for being black it’s not media material. Note…

Ron Paul is NOT a Racist

[youtube_post video_id=”KrGz_h6RSoc”] Description: The media is claiming Ron Paul is a racist from news letters from years ago. Ron Paul has constantly said he did not write the letters.