Michael Savage DESTROY Rush Limbaugh George Bush & Fox News pt2

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Description: Wasn’t old GW Bush president? The newly-popular, newly-invented George W Bush who Wallbanger [Savage-speak for Sean Hannity] — I don’t understand how you people don’t see through this — that Rush and Wallbanger are front men for the Republican party! I don’t know how many times I have to tell you! I am the Tea Party of radio! I AM THE TEA PARTY OF RADIO!! They are mouthpieces, water carriers for the Republican party! And Bush was a fiscal SOCIALIST! What are they reinventing the guy for? Bush built up the government bigger than the four administrations prior to him. Now, all of a sudden, he’s the wonderful senior president from the past. He’s sort of a republican Jimmy Carter, babbling around signing books. I understand he has to sign his books with a mirror the way he spoke for so many years. He spoke fiscal conservatism and he gave us fiscal socialism! This savage outburst floored me. President Bush — a socialist? A Republican Jimmy Carter? Could Savage be hinting, in his delicate way, that former President Bush expanded government more than any other president; that he turned a budget surplus into a $1tn deficit; that he dragged the nation into a quagmire from which we are still struggling to emerge two years later? If that’s what he is suggesting, then Savage and I have found some common ground. Well, up to a point. I have to take issue with the socialism charge. I mean, if former President Bush was a socialist, then where does that leave our current President

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