Rep. McGovern: Days away from tax increase on 160 million middle-income Americans & GOP says no vote

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Description: Last night, the Rules Committee — at the direction of the Republican leadership — voted out a martial law rule that will deny the House of Representatives an up-or-down vote on the bipartisan Senate compromise. No vote! We’re only days away from seeing 160 million hard working, middle-income Americans see their taxes increase — and there’s no vote. We’re on the verge of allowing two million jobless people to lose their unemployement benefits and 48 million senior citizens to lose their healthcare — and the Republicans tell us there can be no vote! Are you kidding me? My Republican friends last night defended their delaying tactics by saying all they wanted was to protect regular order when it comes to legislation. Since when? Last week we passed an omnibus appropriations bill where half of the appropriations bills never even came to the floor for a vote. And this rule today provides blanket, same day authority to do anything they want through January 17th of next year! Regular order? Please. Sadly, the Rules Committee is becoming a place where democracy and fairness goes to die. This is shameful. We have a habit in this House where we like to point fingers and blame the Senate for its dysfunction. But we can’t do that today. Because the Senate actually functioned and gave us a bipartisan compromise. It’s not perfect, and we all want a one year extension of the payroll tax cut — but as we struggle to find acceptable payfors, which up to this point we have not been

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