Ann Romney and Hilary Rosen’s criticism of Ann Romney may rally stay-at-home-moms behind Mitt Romney, will it shrink the gender gap,

The flap over Democratic strategist Hilary Rosens comments about Ann Romneyhaving “never worked a day in her life” is now well into Day 2.

It may have been a manufactured controversy (as we wrote Thursday, Ms. Rosen wasn’t really criticizing Ms. Romney’s choice to stay home, but arguing that her wealth and privilege – including the fact that she was financially free to stay home with her sons – is not the experience of most American women). But manufactured or not, it’s certainly received a lot of media attention.

So will this episode play to ‘s Mitt Romney advantage in any substantial way? And specifically, will it help him among women voters who, according to a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, have recently swung even further toward President Obama, backing him by a 19-point margin?

The short answer: It may not do much, if anything, to erase the overall gender gap. But it may help Mr. Romney rally conservative women behind his candidacy.

3 comments for “Ann Romney and Hilary Rosen’s criticism of Ann Romney may rally stay-at-home-moms behind Mitt Romney, will it shrink the gender gap,

  1. Patriot
    April 15, 2012 at 10:06 am

    This administration’s attempt detracting from its own miserable failure on the economy and creating class warfare to sustain votes is pathetic. Stay at home moms (not stay-at-home moms receiving welfare) are acutely aware of the economy and how it affects their budgets. Unless you are brain dead government worker, completely out of touch with the average working person (ie., GSA and their obscene abuse of taxpayer dollars), you welcome Ann Romney as a spokesperson for the average American. You do not have to be a rock scientist to see the mess this country is in but you do have to a liar to deny it.

    • libertygirl
      April 19, 2012 at 6:39 am

      Pres Obama has never worked in the private industry..and neither have any of his
      appointed czars.

      In fact, the only experience
      these intellectual elites have and their
      subsequent acquired wealth is a direct result of working within big
      government (sucking off the taxpayer). Obama doesn’t even know the ‘green industry’ otherwise
      his stupid stimulus would have worked. His administration is a total failure.

      Now to Ann Romney….regardless
      of her financial situation…clearly she does understand that it is economic
      issues that drive women and not $9 per month birth control coverage. We
      women manage family budgets, worry about the cost of gas and food and paying the mortgage. This is common sense and awareness not rocket
      science….. on the other hand it does take a great deal of expertise and intellect to run our banks, our
      automobile, our healthcare and oil and gas industries.

      This administration should be looking at their own lack of private sector experience. before
      they do anymore damage to this country. It
      is the economy, Stupid!!!

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