Colorado Compliance with federal law?

The argument against Amendment 64 by Steamboat Today, as presented by (News tab), is that legalization will be in direct conflict with federal law.  Is this argument always directly applicable for state law?  A majority of Americans supported Arizona’s state anti-immigration statue that was in agreement with federal law.  But the Obama administration disagreed with it.  So do all those who support Obama also support Amendement 64, specifically because it disagrees with federal law?  Of course not.  Steamboat Today, and, are only using federal law as an argument because it supports their agenda.  Don’t buy it, if federal law legalized it they would still be against it. 

The point is that the relation between federal and state law is not so black and white.  First a federal court rejected Arizona’s statute only to be over turned by the Supreme Court.  Tancredo may be the best-known Colorado Republican in the legalization camp, but he points out that the issue has received support from a number of distinguished conservatives.

“This issue harkens back to the views of William F. Buckley Jr., Milton Friedman and Barry Goldwater, who said that government has no right to interfere in these decisions,” said Tancredo. “It’s none of the government’s business.”

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