Point-Counter-Point, Colorado Amendment 64 legalize marijuana

Colorado Amendment 64

Liberal: The problem is that the more accessible it is, and the more the culture and society says it’s okay (i.e. made legal by the actual govt.) the more minors will think it’s fine to smoke it.  
Counter point:  Consider the correspond effect, or lack thereof, regarding the drinking age and influence in Europe where adults have wine or beer with lunch and dinner.  Technically the age limit is 18 for drinking where children don’t view drinking as a right of passage.  Instead, children become adults while making mature decisions and where Europe does not have the problem with young adults drinking as we do here in the states.

Liberal:  That’s just a fact; little ole unintended consequence. The libertarian ideology that govt. should not control us as free individuals — I understand and agree with that perfectly. But in the real world it smashes up against the reality that kids will smoke more if there’s more of it around, which is just the way of the world.

Counter point:  The real world should not cause you to abandon your principles, rather deeply reinvestigate your principles as we are doing here to determine the root cause.

Liberal:  Science research tells us it permanently lowers kids IQS and destroys brain cells. If you think that’s just great for the youth of this state, go ahead and vote for it.

Counter point:  First, amendment 64 applies to adults, and second science has determined that cannabis has less negative effect on your health than alcohol or tobacco.  Taken together, Amendment 64 nullifies this research finding, however, arguably marijuana is readily available to children under the age of 21, albeit unregulated marijuana.

Liberal:  This isnt’ the dope we smoked decades ago either, it’s about 10 times more potent, and kids are smoking it in jr high.  They are stoned in school. At least if it’s illegal for everyone they have that fear of the law and getting caught and punished which may dissaude them.

Counter point:  It’s true that you should fear prohibition, to quote marijuanamajority.com,  “You’re just making criminals out of people who aren’t engaged in criminal activity”.

Liberal:   Also this Amdt. is impossible to police; it allows people to grow up to six plants. What’re the cops gonna do, knock on everybody’s door and check their basements? It’s gonna go wild — no way cops can keep up. Frankly, I think to pass this thing amounts to child abuse.


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