Is Vaporizing Marijuana Bad for your Health?

Smoking anything is not good for your health.  Many medical marijuana patients are using vaporizers to take their medication.  A vaporizer is a device that allows patients to inhale the active ingredients in marijuana without the harmful effects of smoke.  The plant material is heated to a temperature (about 350°F) where the psychoactive natural chemicals in marijuana are released and evaporate into an aerosol mist without any combustion.

Patients who are concerned about the respiratory hazards of smoking marijuana should use a vaporizer if inhalation is preferred. Physicians recommend vaporizers over smoking due to the clear benefits of avoiding the toxins in the smoke. Vaporizers are now considered the best and healthiest way to inhale medical marijuana.

The volcano vaporizer is a highly recommended by doctors when prescribing medical marijuana.

Volcano Vaporizer

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