Technology Makes Marijuana Harmless, Legalize it, and Fire a Socialist

No serious person disputes marijuana can be harmful to people who smoke too much of it, get too deeply involved in it as minors, or even get addicted to it at this, that, or any other age. Exactly the same “arguments” can be made against beer, wine, coffee, ice cream, red cars, firearms, et cetera ad infinitum.

But how will the argument change if technology and innovation could make marijuana harmless and to contain a chemical to fight cancer?  

First, introduce a vaporizer such as the Volcano vaporizer to eliminate toxins in smoke and make marijuana harmless.  But what about cancer or crazy, take a look at a study reviewed by webmd, “Active Component In Marijuana Targets Aggressive Brain Cancer Cells, Study Says”.  

Lastly, and at a par with legalizing marijuana, when the state claims the exclusive power and authority to decide whether the workers and peasants are allowed to do this, that, or anything else, grow plants in their home, the state is a despot, not a public servant.  We must get rid of Obama, the socialist in the White House.

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