Warning against opponents to A64 now trying to cash in

This hasn’t been confirmed, but as reported by multiple sources  it does appear that there’s a group of people who were already benefiting from the protections of the medical marijuana law and who were opposed to Amendment 64 to legalize marijuana, but are now selling “Frst to Legalize” merchandise.  A total misrepresentation of who they are. 

Is something wrong with this picture?  It’s not illegal, but these are the kind of people who give marijuana a bad name and we all suffer guilt by association.  Have you heard statements such as “You can’t trust anyone who takes marijuana” (smokes, vaporize, or eat cookies), portraying the image of a rejected class of second class citizens? 

We don’t need associations with immoral people.  Marijuana users no longer need to hide in the bushes or behind medical marijuana prescriptions.  That’s the beauty of Amendment 64.  Now that marijuana has been legalized you can be open, honest, and perhaps proud about it when your next door neighbor gets drunk and you quietly and peacefully make friends and instead of being drinking buddies show that there’s a better alternative.  So in this way marijuana users naturally become more ethical about their behavior and don’t have to associate with rip off artists like in the days of the black market and prohibition.

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