Marijuana: Eighteen legislators ask feds to respect Colorado’s Amendment 64

It appears that Colorado Amendment 64 to legalize marijuana is now promoting rights of states in unexpected ways.  Empowering and preserving the right of states as defined in the US Constitution is a mandate and strongly supported by the Libertarian party platform.  Looks like Liberals will share the benefit of freedom for all, whether they want it or not, in spite their compelling power grab by Senators Michael Bennet and Mark Udall and their special interest groups.  It’s peculiar that unlike US Representative Mike Coffman, Republican, our Colorado Democrat Senators are not respecting the will of the voters given the passage of Amendment 64. 

but not Senator Udall

On Friday, Congresswoman Diana DeGette’s introduced the Respect States’ and Citizens’ Rights Act and also signed a letter with seventeen fellow legislators asking the Justice Department to respect pot laws in Colorado and Washington state.  Co-sponsors of the DeGette measure include Oregon’s Earl Blumenauer, Tennessee’s Steve Cohen and California’s Sam Farr, as well as two colleagues from Colorado — Jared Polis, a longtime supporter of marijuana reform, and, more surprisingly, Mike Coffman

Mike Coffman, a US House of Representatives Republican who opposed the passage of Amendment 64 is one of eighteen legislatures asking the federal Justice Department to respect pot laws, saying he’s supporting the introduction of the Respect State’s and Citizen’s Rights Act, saying he has an obligation to “to respect the will of the voters given the passage of this initiative, and so I feel obligated to support this legislation.”

Except from Denver Westward, By Michael Roberts, Nov. 19, 2012

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