Colorado legalization of marijuana passed by 10 votes in El Paso County

According to final election results released Tuesday legalization of marijuana passed by 10 votes in El Paso County. 

Amendment 64 makes possession and consumption of up to an ounce of marijuana legal, along with marijuana retail stores, and individuals can grow up to six marijuana plants. Marijuana possession remains illegal under federal law.

 As published by, County Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams’ election team counted 15,953 additional ballots since Nov. 6, and 13,990 of those made a choice on Amendment 64, with 62 percent in favor.   Of the more than 15,000 ballots counted since Nov. 6, 9,741 were provisional ballots.  The rest were overseas, military and mail ballots.

Amy Lathen, county commission chairwoman, said part of the issue isn’t settled yet. Amendment 64 includes a provision “permitting local governments to regulate or prohibit such facilities.”   “This board will hear a resolution to ban retail sales in the county,” she said. “(Colorado Springs) City Council has the ability to ban retail sales too. I hope they do that.”

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