Mexican lawmaker say’s time is right for pot bill

Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who launched an all-out battle on drug cartels after taking office in 2006, voices deepening frustration over the U.S. inability to slash what he says is the $20 billion that flows from the pockets of American users to criminal gangs in his country each year.

MEXICO CITY, as reported by the Denver Post, Mexico lawmaker says time is right for debate on legalizing marijuana:  bills to legalize marijuana have come before Mexico’s Congress in the past and sunk almost without debate.  But lawmaker Fernando Belaunzaran Mendez thinks this time is different.   A former philosophy student and magazine editor, Belaunzaran began a three-year term in the Chamber of Deputies in September.  He said he has noticed a gap between U.S. counter-drug policies and the sentiment he picked up from American popular culture.

“What Latin America is asking from (President Barack) Obama is nothing less than for him to accept for the region what he’ll have to accept from within his own territory,”  the lawmaker said.

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