Announcing Pot Anonymous ( ), coming soon as a cannabis support group

  Pot Anonymous ( ) is coming soon for those who want to be discreet about the use of marijuana. We also welcome non-users who simply want to observe without experiencing.

It will differ from Alcoholics Anonymous that serves as a support group for those who are trying to stop a bad habit.  Pot anonymous will be a support group for those who want to use cannabis discreetly (and legally in Colorado and Washington state).

The web site will target those in Colorado and Washington where marijuana is now legalized and  will include, for example, FAQs about what’s legal, where to buy, what and how to grow your own plants, and user alternatives such as vaporizers instead of smoking.

Please e-mail suggestions to or make comments here.  This site will provide a forwarding link in the future as soon as the site is setup.

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