Pot taverns? No, that’s not what Amendment 64 said

The Denver Post in an editorial “Pot taverns? No, that’s not what Amendment 64 said” asks the question:  “Did Colorado voters last month approve the creation of “Amsterdam-style” private coffee shops in which patrons will be able to smoke marijuana?  The answer by the editorial staff was:

Of course not, and no straightforward interpretation of Amendment 64 can possibly reach that opinion.
Imagine our surprise, then, to read in last Sunday’s Denver Post a report in which lawyer and cannabis activist Rob Corry suggested that such a scenario is not only legal under the amendment but also desirable.
It’s actually neither.

I live in Colorado where marijuana will be legal as soon as Governor Hickenlooper signs off on Amendment 64 (maximum of 30 days after Nov. 6).  I will be able to legally grow up to 6 plants on my property and my wife can do the same.   It’s will also be legal for my neighbors over 21 to come over and use marijuana with us on our patio (Please don’t say “smoke marijuana” which is unhealthy.  Doctors recommend vaporizers, such as the Volcano Vaporizer).

So far this sounds like the kind of free country Tom Tancredo described when he defended Amendment 64, and don’t forget Michelle Malkin.  Two staunch conservatives who will defend our liberty as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Even our freedom to grow the kind of plants we want.

Oh, and if we choose, instead of meeting on our patio we can reserve a private room at our community center where we can meet with our neighbors on a regular basis continue to use marijuana.  Or we can bring our own booze.

Now that marijuana is legal it’s going to change the way people think about socializing it.  Using marijuana is not going to be sleazy and nothing is to prevent retailers from having modern, well lit and spacious stores, perhaps much like liquor stores.  The police will actually be required to protect our legal rights.

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