Parker Colorado moves toward ban on pot shops

As reported by the Parker Chronicle, “Parker Colorado moves toward ban on pot shops“, the town council has taken the first step toward prohibiting pot shops and cultivation centers in Parker.  Council members voted 6-0 to pass the first reading of seven amendments  to the Parker Municipal Code regarding marijuana during a special meeting Nov. 26 at town hall.

First, regardless of whether Parker town council ultimately approves or not, we should be defending the legal right of any investor in the marijuana business.  But that’s not the issue, just like sex, marijuana doesn’t have to be sleazy unless you make it so, and sleazy is what’s on the town council’s mind.  In this case the adage applies that “Your attitude say’s more about you than than what you’re discussing”.  Now that it’s legal marijuana retail stores can be as bright, spacious, and modern as any liquor store.  I haven’t heard any complaints about our many liquor stores in Parker.

Not privy to the town council discussions, my guess is that they are self righteous and indignant.  But what’s the attitude going to be when every other home, or rather 55% of the homes, in Parker are legally growing marijuana plants and when more people  possess an ounce or less of marijuana than people with a license to carry a firearm?  The town council can be self righteous in the confines of their own echo chamber, but they’re not going to be so respected by their neighbors for their unreasonableness about becoming educated.  It’s interesting to note that George Will quotes a sociologist “whose data demonstrates that those with the highest level of education have the lowest exposure to people with conflicting points of view”.

Lastly, the town council might want to consider a lesson to be learned by the LA City Council who recently voted to ban medical marijuana.  They backed down and rescinded their vote when activists collected 50,000 signatures from voters, well over the 27,425 needed to put the issue on the ballot.  The moral of the story is to be careful for what you wish, in this case a ban, because you just might get it.

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