Healthier Marijuana

Colorado made landmark history with its introduction and passage of Amendment 64 last November. In the latest news, Hawaii is introducing legislation to legalize marijuana use for adults over the age of 21 years old. The nation is embracing legal marijuana for recreational use. But how can we make it safer, healthier and more responsible?

Marijuana has been used for millennia across continents and cultures for its therapeutic benefits. Only recently did we stumble upon the presence of an endocannabinoid system of receptors in the body, specifically unlocked by cannabis. Medical cannabis has proven to provide neuropathic pain relief and antiemetic properties to cancer patients recovering from radiation and chemotherapy. But, it seems at odds to prescribe smoking a joint to a recovering lung cancer patient.

We are only beginning to discover the scientific defensibility of marijuana’s medicinal potential through research. We just need a reliable, safe and effective means of administering marijuana. Edibles deliver unpredictable and unreliable dosages and take up to two hours to take effect because they travel through the digestive system. Pills such as Marinol and Sativex have proven relatively dismal failures at providing the necessary benefits of cannabis, isolating only the active THC compound, and take up to one hour to realize the effects. And, smoking, while the most expedient method of delivery, is bad for you.

Vaporizers meet the criteria for a safe, effective and reliable means of administering marijuana. Vaporizers do not combust the herb, but heat the content to a degree below combustion and deliver smoke-free vapor. The active compounds are essentially boiled off (volatilization) and captured as vapor in a balloon, or can be directly inhaled through a hose/tube/mouthpiece. Vaporizers allow the user to control temperature with some degree of accuracy, and with practice and better technology, can vaporize only the active compounds directly linked to the benefits they wish to receive. Example: THC which vaporizes at higher temps is best for antiemetic, but is highly psychoactive and can cause increased blood pressure. Other cannabinoids like CBD provide sedative muscle relaxing effects with mild or no psychoactive properties, but vaporize at lower temps.

The Volcano Vaporizer is touted as the best unit available. It is German made, and has been used in FDA approved clinical trials using vaporizers as marijuana delivery devices instead of smoking. It has been widely reviewed, but hands-down, the most thorough site dedicated to the Volcano Vaporizer Review is:

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