Vaporizers – How Much is Too Much?

When soliciting feedback on user experience, at least 1 out of every 3 people in San Diego knows what an herbal vaporizer is. Most people we’ve spoken to indicated that vaporizing cannabis is an altogether different experience than smoking cannabis.

Feedback ranges and we wanted to share some of our notes in order to help educate users on some best practices for vaping.

Experiences vary from getting WAY too high from vaporizers:

“I’m afraid to vape, because every time my buddy breaks out the Volcano, I get higher than Mt. Everest.”

[See Katt Williams video – above]

…To folks not feeling high enough…until it is too late:

” I was missing the ‘kick’ of inhaling smoke into the lungs when I get high – I like that punch, and I miss it when I vape…so I always vape WAY MORE THAN I NEED TO, and end up wasted.”

“I didn’t feel anything at first, but after like 15 minutes and three bag fuls, I was so high I almost couldn’t move.”

There is a difference in the experience, but the medicine is still the same. Inhaling vapor is just as potent as smoke except that the effects are not as intense right away.

Our favorite quote:

“Using a vaporizer is more medicating than intoxicating. It just feels less abusive on the body, and more like healing.”

With controlled application of heat, vaporizers let you hit the ‘sweet spot’ for releasing the most active set of cannabinoids at a certain temperature range. The concentration of THC, CBD and CBN/CBL are the same as smoking, but the reduced number of compounds makes the experience more approachable. There is definitely a delay in feeling the effects (most users note a 5 – 10 minute lag time) as compared to smoking. The reduction of chemicals you are inhaling makes the initial high seem less f***ed up.

All the additional by products from combustion may make the initial high more intense, but the effects do not last as long, and your body doesn’t absorb the same quantities of cannabinoids. Vaping leads to longer highs, of equal or greater intensity, just without that immediacy – more ‘feeling alllllriiiiggghhht‘ and less ‘damn, I’m too ripped to play video games.’

Some folks prefer to less psychoactive effects, for whatever reason. Yeah, a real bummer of a side effect of this wonderful medicine…Weirdos. Vaporizers allow for this degree of tailoring the effects of cannabis. All cannabinoids have their specific boiling point, and you can target the less psychoactive compounds for muscle relaxation and sedation, or target the higher psychoactive compounds for an energetic, anti-spasmodic, anxiolitic effect. Cannabis is a wonderfully versatile medicine, and when smoked, while fun, may not be the fullest appreciation for all the secrets that cannabinoids hold.

But, in the 6000 year documented history of the cultivation and cultural use of cannabis across continents, NO ONE HAS EVER DIED OR GROWN A THIRD ARM FROM SMOKING MARIJUANA. And we hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of cannabis in your own way.

We want to see the fruits of real cannabis research that doesn’t always have to be prefaced with an unfavorable delivery method. We recommend exploring the fullest benefits of cannabis for everyone and promote responsible, safe access for recreation, research and medicinal use.

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