He’s ba-aaack! Pot Lover Steve Berke Running For Mayor Of Miami Beach Again


Comedian, Yale tennis star, and political activist Steve Berke told The Huffington Post he’s running for mayor of Miami Beach again — and he’s kicking off his 2013 campaign with a Kickstarter fundraiser that would enable him to make a documentary about the process.

Berke, who finished second in the 2011 race to re-elected Mayor Matti Herrera Bower with 23 to 38 percent of the vote appears to be running with the same interests in mind: he has just uploaded “Get Smoky,” a new pro-pot parody of Daft Punk’s single “Get Lucky.”   It’s another bit of film that features in Berke’s Kickstarter campaign.  He’s attempting to raise $190,000 to make “Follow the Money,” a documentary that would focus on his campaign and the political processes in Miami Beach.

“We are making this documentary not only to expose the corrupting influence of money in local politics, but to highlight the hypocrisy of marijuana laws in a world-class destination city,” he writes.

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