Our opinion on Federal government not blocking Colorado marijauna legalization

In spite of the administrations (IRS, NSA, and Justice) agenda against freedom, this was a correct decision, but driven by the polls. Freedom is a God given right, but it is not guaranteed without an informed electorate and the electorate is winning on this issue nationally by a wide margin, specifically on passing Amendment 64 last November in Colorado to legalize marijuana. However, since then, the Colorado democratic state legislature and the Denver City counsel have tried to impede progress every turn, let’s just say they’re reactive.

Amendment 64 provides a huge opportunity for everything from jobs, funding education, standardizing the quality of the product, and all but eliminating the black market. When our state and local government should be facilitating the decision by the electorate to achieve the best outcomes they are instead trying to restrict and diminish the market potential at every turn.

Outside of the ballot box, government control has been trumping freedom. Oh, but by the way, Tom Tancredo who is now running for Governor was one of the early supporters of Amendment 64, and in his judgement based on constitutional principles, not a political agenda (nor as a user).

This website will continue to provide information about the progress (or hindrance) of marijuana laws and the manipulation of policy makers.

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